A cloud-based healthcare management suite featuring EHR tracking, billing management, and provider scheduling, and patient engagement modules


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Athena Health bills itself as a highly integrated electronic health record solution. In this capacity, Athena Health offers numerous features that can be highly useful for any medical facility.

The features that Athena Health offers are very broad and can have a variety of uses. These include extensive medical billing options, a variety of ways to build engagement and responsiveness with patients, extensive telehealth opportunities, and mobile capabilities that make it easy for the businesses in question and patients alike to access their medical records.

Telehealth is one of the areas of medicine that is seeing extensive growth of late, and that makes Athena Health's various telehealth features even more important. Athena's telehealth platform is HIPPA compliant and offers a ton of possibilities for patients and medical staff, including secure videoconferencing, group conferences, integrated billing, automated outreach, and more. It is also download free, something that is highly useful for patients who may be less familiar and comfortable with the technology involved in telehealth.

One of the items that was praised by numerous reviewers is the individualized tracking for patients. Patient orders, such as tests or lab results, could easily be tracked within the system. Once the order was completed, patients and doctors could be alerted. Additionally, if testing was missed, a patient or doctor could be easily reminded about these issues, ensuring follow-up and compliance.

From an analytics and reporting perspective, many users noted that Athena Health's various solutions allow you to run extensive reports that are customized to your needs. This makes life much easier when you are trying to get additional insight into the lives of your patients, or the financial health of an individual practice. The reports have actually been praised by a variety of customers, all of whom noted that the reporting design was clearly made by people who are familiar with medical care and understand how important these reports can be. 

The program also seems to be constantly updated, a necessary trait, given the constantly changing world of health care, laws, and regulations. As a result, users who use Athena Health can rest assured that the evolving nature of the medical business will be accounted for.

Despite the various promises offered by Athena, many reviews about the service have expressed concerns about Athena's communication, and even more concerningly, its honesty. Numerous reviews said that Athena overpromised and underdelivered, creating huge trust issues with customers who may be interested in taking advantage of their services.


  • Highly integrated and professionalized telehealth model.
  • Offers numerous features that are easy to use for both medical offices and patients. 
  • Patient tracking and ensuring that doctors and patients alike get lab results is a breeze. 


  • Potential honesty, trust, and communication issues with the organization. However, these are older complaints, and it is certainly possible that Athena Health has addressed these issues.
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